Friday, 31 May 2013

              Torrent (or uTorrent; commonly abbreviated as "µT" or "uT") is a free-of-charge, ad-supported, closed source BitTorrent client owned by BitTorrent, Inc. It is the most widely used BitTorrent client outside China (where Xunlei is more popular.) It gets the "µ"(Greek letter "mu") in its name from the SI prefix "micro-", referring to the program's small memory footprint: the program was designed to use minimal computer resources while offering functionality comparable to larger BitTorrent clients such as Vuze or BitComet. The program has received consistently good reviews for its feature set, performance, stability, and support for older hardware and versions of Windows.

The program has been in active development since its first release in 2005. Although originally developed by Ludvig Strigeus, since December 7, 2006, the code is owned and maintained by BitTorrent, Inc. The code has also been employed by BitTorrent, Inc. as the basis for version 6.0 and above of the BitTorrent client, a re-branded 

Screen Shot:

Step1)  Observe Your Current Download Speed With The Default Settings
Step2)  Click Options & Then Choose Preferences From The Drop-Down Menu That Appears A New Window Will Popup Now Click Connections & In Port Enter : "45682"

Step3) Then Click On Bandwidth Tab & Then Change :
  • Maximum Upload Rate To "10"
  • Global Maximum Number Of Connections to "2329"
  • Maximum Number of Connected Peers to "1890"
  • Number Of Upload Slots Per Torrent to "15"
  • & Keep The Last Check Box (Checked)

Step4) Click Bittorrent tab & Make The Following Changes :

Step5) In Queuing Tab Make The Following Changes:

Step6) Under Disk Cache, do the following ticking :

Step7) Under Advanced, do some changes shown below :




Step8) Click The Apply Button Then Click Ok & Restart Utorrent!


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